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There is no alternative to Sheikh Hasina on the platform of power: Obaidul Quader

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  • 04 December, 2022 18:40:14

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News Desk:  Awami League General Secretary and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said, 'If Bangladesh is to be saved, Awami League must be saved. To save the liberation war, Awami League must be saved. To save democracy, to save development, to save achievements, Sheikh Hasina has no choice on the stage of power.

He said this at the public meeting of Awami League organized at Chittagong polo ground on Sunday (December 4) afternoon. Chittagong City North and South District Awami League organized public meetings.

He said, 'Now we are in some danger due to war and sanctions. Sheikh Hasina will rescue from this danger. He does not sleep all night, he stays awake. Fakhrul Sahib said that the government's sleep has been lost. Government did not lose sleep, Sheikh Hasina lost sleep. Sheikh Hasina has to wake up at night for the people of the country, to save the people, to save the poor people, to save the miserable people.'

Obaidul Quader said, 'Amir Khosru Saheb, Noman Saheb, Mir Nasir Saheb listen, you are not watching Fakhrul, I told Fakhrul to listen to the roar of the ocean. Can you hear that? If you don't hear Amir Khosru Sahib, Noman Sahib and Mir Nasir Sahib today see what is the situation in Chittagong. Have you seen? Go see Mr. Fakhrul, Mr. Amir Khosru. He stood here and said big things. how many people People equal to eight rallies of BNP took place at the polo ground. The number of people who attended Sheikh Hasina's public meeting here is eight times more than BNP's public meeting. The entire Chittagong today is a city of processions. Not a great assembly, but a great ocean. All the waves of Karnaphuli are in polo ground today, all the waves of Bay of Bengal are in Chittagong city today. See what popularity is.'

He also said, 'Sheikh Hasina is the most honest politician, popular leader, efficient administrator, successful diplomat in the history of Bangladesh in the last 47 years. He who stands on the march of death and sings the victory of life, who stands on the ruins and waves the flag of creation, is Bangabandhu's privileged daughter. Sheikh Hasina successfully dealt with Corona. He is the trouble shooter of today's crisis in Bangladesh.

Obaidul Quader said, 'There will be a game. The game will be played in December. Because of their (BNP's) rally, the leader brought the Chhatra League conference on December 6. Transport has been told no strike. Still, BNP leaders and activists have been coming with blankets, pillows and blankets since a week ago. He is sleeping with the coil lit and the tent pulled up.'

Acting President of Chittagong City Awami League Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury is presiding over the public meeting organized by Chittagong City North and South District Awami League. General Secretary of Chittagong City Awami League AJM Nashir Uddin presided over the public meeting. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave the main speech.


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