About Us

Cable News International is the nation’s fastest digital news platform for creating the day to day and most authenticated hot news at everyone’s plate. We at CNI are paving a pathway towards excellence with innovation and Tate of the art of digital contents, contributing towards building a digital Bangladesh. Breakthrough innovative initiative and programs never seen in Bangladesh before is being undertaken by us since launching the online news portal on June, 2018.

Cable news International is an emerging name in the highly competitive segment of digital media. Our mission is to voice the truth, impart a positive change in the society and digitally transform the way people receive and view news.


Some of achievements of CNI are –

1. More than 50,000+ regular news viewers.

2. 71,600 news posts.

3. More the 320 interviews of Government and higher official news covered.

4. 2030+event covered.

5. 2500+news videos.

6. More than 50+ crore viewers.

7. 2600+creative and social content.

CNI is the first and only digital news portal that focuses on holistic approach of digital existences. CNI focuses on the visual interview of through leaders, corporate icons, change makers, emerging individual and many more. Some shows of CNI are –

1. CNI Business Icon.

2. Tarunner Bangladesh.

3. CNI Women Entrepreneurship.

4. Coffee with Juwel.

5. CNI political times and many more.

The main target of CNI is to follow rigorous standards and ensure authentic and reliable publication for its readers of all times.

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