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Attack vandalized Kushtia Polytechnic Institute

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  • 22 June, 2022 01:56:24

Photo: CNI

Rabiul Alam, Kushtia: Students of Kushtia Polytechnic Institute have been accused of vandalizing and beating Lalon Shah Hostel in the 5th semester after the first year student was hit by a ball while playing football on the field. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Academic Academic Council of the authorities following the incident, which caused tensions on the premises of the institute. Authorities instructed all students in the hostel to leave the hostel by 6pm on Tuesday. The students are in dire straits amidst hostile weather and natural disasters, especially those traveling to distant destinations, expressing fears of extreme insecurity. The incident took place at Kushtia Polytechnic Institute at 1pm on Tuesday. The injured have been identified as Asif (20), Mahi (18), Antar (22), Setu (22) and many others. The doctor on duty said that the condition of one of them was not safe. According to eyewitnesses, it was raining profusely at noon when the students of Lalon Shah Hostel were playing football on the field. Meanwhile, a resident student of Mir Mosharraf Hostel, who was studying in the 5th episode, got into an argument with the students of Lalon Shah Hostel when his student friend, who was studying in the 1st episode, started crying. At one stage, the student lodged a complaint with the leader of his own hostel Mosharraf Hossain's dormitory and former president of the BCL at the Polytechnic Institute, AR Anas Parvez. During this time, the windows and doors of the affected rooms smashed valuables including furniture. It is alleged that the assailants also attacked and beat those who were found in the room. Rakib, a resident of Lalonshah Hostel, complained that while we were playing football on the field, a girl student started crying and a friend of that student started arguing with us. The boy complained to the BCL president Anas and they attacked and beat us. Although former BCL leader Anas Parvez completed his course a year ago, he is still illegally staying in the hostel. Rakib also alleged that he had attacked and beaten students on various occasions, including various criminal activities, from here. Shafiqul of 5th episode computer said, such an incident would not have happened if there was no pineapple in the campus today. Many such terrorist activities have been going on for a long time and this is tarnishing the image of the college. That is why today all the students have to suffer like leaving the campus. However, denying the allegations, BCL leader Anas Parvez said, "After hearing about the incident, I called our security in-charge Rafi Uddin Bablu and informed him on my mobile." He told me to go there, they would attack me when I went there. ' The BCL leader claimed that my seat in the hostel was legally allotted till my result. Kushtia Polytechnic Institute security officer Rabiuddin Bablu called the number more than once but he did not answer. He did not respond to a request for comment. Monir Hossain, acting principal of Kushtia Polytechnic Institute, called on his mobile number 015563047 and did not give any message to the reporter. Confirming the incident, Kushtia Model Police Inspector Sabbirul Alam said, "Police rushed to the spot on Tuesday afternoon after receiving reports of vandalism, beatings and agitation among the students of the Polytechnic." Everyone has left the hall and gone home as the authorities have ordered them to leave the hall considering the latest situation. '

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