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Demand for state condemnation of those who insulted the Holy Prophet

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  • 14 June, 2022 08:30:31

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JOB Correspondent: Devout Muslim students of Jagannath University have staged a protest rally again against the controversial remarks of two leaders of the ruling BJP in India about the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It has also been demanded that those who insulted the Prophet be hanged. They also demanded a statewide condemnation of those who insulted the Prophet.

On Sunday, after the Zohar University, the students started their protest procession from the Central Jame Mosque and marched through the Science Faculty in front of the Central Shaheed Minar. The procession then left the main gate of the university, turned into Banglabazar and again came to the quiet premises of the university and took the form of a rally. At that time, they demanded punishment for those who hurled placards.

Students at the rally said, "If the Prophet (peace be upon him) is insulted anywhere in the world and a Muslim is hurt, we will stand up against it." The two BJP leaders are hurting the hearts of millions of Muslims around the world by making derogatory remarks about the Holy Prophet (PBUH). In the interest of maintaining communal harmony, Islamist haters in India should be immediately arrested and given exemplary punishment.

The gathering students also said that today in Bangladesh there are laws on all issues including digital security laws but there is no law about the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Not only about the Prophet (peace be upon him), but also about any other religion, no one can say anything harsh.

Demonstration at the 10th batch student of the Department of Zoology. Rumman Kabir said, I will not accept any harsh words about the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Muslim Brothers of Jagannath University are always ready to throw poisonous teeth at those who use abusive language like Nupur Sharma. We, the Muslim community of the world, are demanding the maximum punishment for these abusers. Zafar Sihab, a third-year student at the university, said the Prime Minister of Bangladesh is a Muslim; Speaker Muslim; Muslims towards the state and even the majority of the people of Bangladesh should express their condemnation in the Muslim National Assembly.

Education and Research Institute student. Rasheduzzaman Limon said that as a spokesperson of a party, how can he make such harsh remarks about a prophet of another religion. We Jagannath University students want his exemplary punishment. Punishment is not just a punishment that is a precedent for people all over the world.

Meanwhile, ordinary students of Government Shaheed Suhrawardy College staged a human chain and protest procession in India to protest against the insults uttered by BJP spokespersons Napur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal against Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Ummul Mu'minin Ayesha (PBUH).

Earlier on Friday, devout Muslim students at Jagannath University staged a sit-in in protest of controversial remarks made by two leaders of India's ruling BJP about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) after Jumma.

Students of Kabi Nazrul Government College in the capital also staged a protest on Saturday against the harsh words of two BJP leaders. Besides, it has been demanded that the two BJP leaders Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal be banned from visiting Bangladesh for life.

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