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16 teachers of Jabir received grants for research

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  • 22 December, 2021 09:44:41

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JOB Correspondent: 16 teachers of Jagannath University (JU) have received special research grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology. They have been elected for the financial year 2021-2022. This special research grant will be provided from the "Science and Technology Program" sector of the Ministry in this financial year.

According to the website of the Ministry of Science and Technology on Saturday (December 16) Earlier on Wednesday, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Md. This information has been given in a circular signed by Golam Mostafa. The list of those selected for the grant of 638 research projects this year has also been published in the notification.

The Ministry of Science and Technology discloses the names of fellow teachers who have been awarded Fellowships in all projects that have been recommended and approved by the Peer Review Committee to provide special research grants from the "Science and Technology Program" sector. Among the teachers mentioned in the notification, a total of 16 teachers from Jagannath University have been selected for this year's fellowship.

Teachers have been jointly selected for each study. The nominated teachers will get Rs. 2 / 2.5 / 3/4 lakh from the Ministry of Science and Technology for each research.

The teachers who got the fellowship are- Professor of Geography and Environment. Md. Moniruzzaman and Assistant Professor Newton Hawladar. Professor of Mathematics. Md. Sarwar Alam and Associate Professor. Mostaq Ahmed. Professor of Chemistry. Abul Kalam Md. Lutfar Rahman and Assistant Professor Arpana Sarkar. Professor of Physics. Md. Noor Alam Abdullah and Professor. Deepika Rani Sarkar. Professor of Mathematics. Rabindranath Mandal and Assistant Professor Vishnu Pad Ghosh. Associate Professor of Mathematics. Siddhartha Bhowmik and Assistant Professor Gautam Kumar Saha. Associate Professor of Chemistry. AJ Saleh Ahmed and Assistant Professor Abdul Awal. Associate Professor of Chemistry. Mohammad Jamir Hossain and Associate Professor. Mohammad Rajibul Haque Anand.

Under the Ministry of Science and Technology, special research grants for research on 'Science and Technology' projects started from FY 198-198. This grant is given to MS, MPhil, PhD and post-doctoral students and researchers studying / researching in public universities / research institutes.

The Ministry of Science and Technology of the government provides this fellowship. This fellowship is usually awarded to students and researchers in three cases. Research grants are given annually in 8 groups including Biological Science, Medical Science, Environmental Science, Engineering and Applied Science, Physical Science and Inter-disciplinary group. The main purpose of this fellowship is to encourage higher education and research in science and technology.

Applications can be made for National Science and Technology Fellowships in Physical, Organic and Inorganic Sciences, Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Renewable Energy, Information and Communication Technology, Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine and Food and Agricultural Sciences. Fellowship applications are usually invited in April-May. Through fellowships, students and researchers have the opportunity to publish research journals on science and technology and science journals.

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