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6 were killed in the shootings in Washington DC, the capital of the United States

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  • 03 August, 2022 16:10:21

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International Desk: One person was killed in the shootings in Washington DC, the capital of the United States. 5 more people were injured in this incident. Local time Monday (August 1) night, the shooting and casualties occurred in the northeast part of Washington DC.

The scene of the shooting is not far from the US Capitol Hill. The Washington Post reported this information in a report on Tuesday (August 2) citing authorities.

According to the report, the shooting started in the 1500 block of F Street NE outside the Aziz Bates apartment complex in Washington DC around 8:30 PM local time, according to Police Chief Robert J. Conte is third.

In a press conference on Monday night, he said, five people injured in the shooting incident have been admitted to the hospital. Their physical condition is not known.

Conti added that the motive for the shootings is still unknown and police do not yet know if the perpetrators of the shootings knew each other beforehand. He said a large group was believed to be in the area at the time of the firing. Investigation is ongoing.

Conti said, "I am outraged that residents have to come under fire tonight. The residents didn't deserve it. It is not acceptable that there will be shelling in the area where they live.

"Money has been invested to stem the tide of violence in our communities," he added. Yet it seems that there are people in our community who have lost their sense of humanity.'

According to the Washington Post, the Kingman Park area where the shooting took place is located near the northeast corner of the US Congress Capitol Hill. A local resident said he heard at least 15 gunshots.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Laura Gentile lives near the scene of the shootings. "It's horrible," he says. This is the worst thing I have ever seen. People are feeling very insecure.'

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