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China's plan could end war: Vladimir Putin

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  • 22 March, 2023 13:15:02

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International Desk: Russian President Vladimir Putin commented that the proposal made by China to end the Russia-Ukraine war can be the basis for ending the war. However, he said, the peace plan can be moved forward only when "the West and Ukraine are ready." On Tuesday (March 21), Russian President Putin met Chinese President Xi Jinping for the second time in Moscow. They discussed various issues there. This is what Putin said after that. Beijing offered a 12-point peace proposal last month to immediately end the war. However, the proposal did not mention the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

The proposal calls for peace talks and national sovereignty. But no concrete proposal was made. However, Ukraine said that the precondition for peace talks is the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. And there was no indication that Russia would accept this condition for negotiations. After Tuesday's meeting, Putin and Xi Jinping appeared together at a press conference. There, Putin said, 'parts of China's peace proposal can be taken as a basis for resolving the Ukraine conflict, whenever the West and Kiev are ready for it.

"But Russia has not seen any such 'preparation' so far," Putin said. Standing alongside the Russian president, Xi Jinping said his government was emphasizing peace and dialogue and that China was "on the right side of history." Xi Jinping also claimed that China has a 'neutral position' on the Ukraine war. Through this, the Chinese president has basically tried to present himself as a peacemaker. Besides, the Russian President also talked about the trade between Russia and Ukraine. He said that the amount of trade between the two countries last year, they want to exceed it this year.


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