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Argentina's World Cup kicks off, can't go wrong: Lionel Messi

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  • 27 November, 2022 16:49:09

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Sports desk: Argentina got a new life. Messi's army survived the World Cup by winning the fight against Mexico. Messi said after the match, they don't want to make any more mistakes.

Hot favorite Argentina started this World Cup mission by losing 2-1 in the first match against Saudi Arabia. Every match is a knockout for them now. The most important was the match against Mexico. Even if they lose or draw, the two-time champions would be in danger of leaving.

In such a match, although the first half was uneventful, after the break, Argentina turned around with Messi's skills. A 2-0 win kept the knockout dreams alive.

Messi said after the match, 'Today (Saturday) another World Cup started for Argentina. I tell everyone the same thing, they should always have faith in us. We did what needed to be done today. There was no other way before us. We had to win to keep everything in our own hands.'

In the Bachamara match, the team was disorganized in the first half, admitting the Argentinian captain said, 'In the first half, we did not play the way we needed to. In the second half when we were able to calm down, we started to play better.'

After returning to the winning streak, Messi does not want to make any mistakes. Every match wants to progress through the final. "We can't give up now," Messi said. Every match is a final for us. We can't make any more mistakes. We suffered a lot in the first match. It's normal. There were many reasons behind this. Many are playing their first World Cup. This is not an excuse. We didn't play well that day.'


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