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Give a befitting reply to anti-national propaganda: Prime Minister

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  • 26 September, 2022 00:39:39

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News desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has called upon Bangladeshi diaspora to give a befitting reply to the propaganda against the government and Bangladesh. He urged to show the real picture of the unprecedented development of the country during the period of Awami League government and hold the dignity and respect that Bangladesh has achieved in the world, and walk globally.

"Give a befitting reply to the false propaganda against us," the prime minister said at a virtual reception for Bangladeshi expatriates in the US on Saturday from his hotel in New York.

The Prime Minister said, "Most of those who are spreading misinformation on social media have been dismissed from their jobs for involvement in misdeeds or have fled the country for committing crimes."

The Prime Minister called on the public to highlight the character and misdeeds of those people who are giving false and fabricated information about the government and Bangladesh using social media.

Sheikh Hasina said, "Don't listen to their words, but put our development in front of the people. Inform and keep in touch with your local Congressmen, Senators and elected representatives about developments in Bangladesh.”

The Prime Minister said, "During the BNP period, the budget size was only 60 thousand crores. The last budget of the Awami League government was over Tk 6 lakh crore.”

The Prime Minister once again warned the countrymen about the impending acute food crisis in the world due to climate change, covid-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine war, sanctions and counter-sanctions and urged everyone to produce more food to avoid it in the future.

Sheikh Hasina said, “Since a severe food crisis is imminent, tell your relatives in the country that no land in the country can be left uncultivated due to partition. Apart from that, Bangladesh has already transformed into a digital country.” 


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