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Advice on showering together to save electricity

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  • 25 September, 2022 16:17:04

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International Desk: In the ongoing energy crisis, Switzerland's Environment Minister Simonetta Sommaruga advises everyone to reduce electricity consumption. He is campaigning to reduce electricity consumption by at least 15 percent in the coming winter. According to The Times, as a suggestion to save electricity, he gave various suggestions to the people, saying, "If you don't need it, you can turn off the computer, turn off the lights in the house, or you can take a bath together." This statement sparked intense criticism soon after it was published. Geraldine Savory, editor of the women's magazine Femina, complained that the environment minister was intruding on the trivialities of their personal lives. However, after being considered unpleasant, the minister clarified his statement and said that this advice is only for minors. Western allies and Europe have banned Moscow's energy imports in an effort to stop Russian financing of the war in Ukraine. But European countries dependent on Russian energy are now facing both crises. In the coming winter, electricity consumption will increase in Europe. As a result, European countries are already taking various steps to deal with the crisis. In Europe, gas prices have risen at an abnormal rate and fuel supply uncertainty is threatening to fuel shortages in winter.

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