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Happy Buddha full moon today

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  • 15 May, 2022 15:18:54

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News Desk: Buddha Purnima, the biggest religious festival of Buddhists, is on Sunday (May 15). Gautama Buddha, the preacher of the non-violent message 'Let all the creatures of the world be happy', observes the day as Buddha Purnima, a day intertwined with the advent, enlightenment and the memory of Mahaparinirvana.

According to Buddhism, Mahamati Gautama Buddha appeared on this day two and a half thousand years ago. It (Baishakhi Purnima) is named as 'Buddha Purnima' because it was born on the day of Baishakhi Purnima.

Due to coronavirus in the last two years, Buddhists have not been able to celebrate this day through festivals. However, this time the situation in Corona has returned to normal and the Buddhist community of the country will celebrate their main religious festival, Buddha Purnima.

On the occasion of the day, various programs have been organized in different Buddhist monasteries across the country. The day will also be observed at the Basabo Dharmarajik Buddhist Mahavihara in the capital through various ceremonies including Buddha Puja and Shilgrahan, Pindana, Bhikkhu Sangha breakfast.

On the full moon day of Boishakh, the followers of Buddhism bathe in this holy festival, wear clean clothes and worship Buddha in the temple. In addition to worship, they perform Panchasila, Ashtashila, Sutrapatha, Sutrasravan, Sambhet Prarthana.

Today, however, is a public holiday. On this occasion, the President said. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have given separate statements. In the message, on the occasion of Buddha Purnima, they conveyed friendly greetings and congratulations to all Buddhists of the world including Bangladesh.

In his message, the President said that Happy Buddha Purnima is a sacred religious festival of Buddhists. Mahamati Gautam Buddha's birth, attainment of enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana are deeply associated with the auspicious Buddha Purnima. Mahamati Buddha was a seeker of truth for the welfare of living beings. He made constant efforts to make the world happy and peaceful. In the consciousness of the Buddha was the desire to liberate the living being by overcoming sorrow.

In her message, the Prime Minister said that Mahamati Gautam Buddha has always preached the message of non-violence, equality and friendship for the welfare of the people and for the establishment of peace. His only goal was to build an ideal society through peace and harmony. Inspired by the ideals of truth and beauty, Buddha has worked to enlighten mankind. His life style and teachings need to be followed to prevent the erosion of values ​​and to establish peace in the society.

The day is known as 'Buddha Purnima' as three important events in the life of the great Buddha took place in this full moon of the month of Baishakh. Gautama Buddha was born in 623 BC. On this day in 56 BC, he achieved his goal. Again on this day in 543 BC he attained Mahaparinirvana. Buddhism was introduced to the world through Siddhartha's enlightenment.

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