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Police officers need to be more active and responsible in facilitating police services among the people - President

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  • 25 January, 2022 19:35:51

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News Desk: His Excellency the President Md. Abdul Hamid has said that providing police services to the people at the earliest is one of your main responsibilities. Police officers need to play a more active and responsible role in facilitating access to services for the people. On the occasion of Police Week 2022, he made this call in his address to the virtual senior police officers from the edge of Bangabhaban this evening (January 25, 2022).

His Excellency the President said that through community policing and bit policing we need to establish closer ties with the people, increase engagement with them. You have to make sincere efforts to build Bangladesh Police as a people friendly police and humanitarian police. Emphasizing on the training of police personnel, His Excellency the President said, "I urge you to enhance the capacity of the training institutes of Bangladesh Police and bring them up to international standards." The training institutes should be built at world class level in such a way that foreign police officers are also interested in coming to Bangladesh for training. His Excellency the President said that Bangladesh Police must move forward through research, innovation and assimilation of the latest technology to meet the challenges of a developed and prosperous Bangladesh. Bangladesh Police needs to be rich in new research and innovation. He said that for this Bangladesh Police needs to have a think tank. This Think Tank will play an effective role in ensuring maximum utilization of scientific techniques in the operational activities and investigations of Bangladesh Police as well as in enhancing the institutional capacity as well as in the overall activities including recruitment, promotion, posting and training. He said that in today's world of evolving technology, cyber crime is on the rise along with other crimes.

Cybercriminals are committing such crimes using domestic, regional and international networks and various apps, which has become a challenge for the law enforcement agencies to suppress. The capacity of the police to deal with cyber crime needs to be enhanced. Referring to the issue of militancy suppression, His Excellency the President said that militancy suppression has been hailed worldwide as one of the major achievements of Bangladesh Police. People need to be involved in preventing militancy, raising public awareness against militancy. Describing drugs as a major social disorder, the President said that a section of the youth of the country was involved in drug related crimes. There are frequent reports in the media that some unscrupulous employees of various government departments, including the police, are involved in this crime, which is very unfortunate and unfortunate. We have to protect the youth from the scourge of drugs. The police need to be more proactive and active in this regard with zero tolerance. If necessary, strict action should be taken against the culprits through cleansing campaign. His Excellency the President said that people are getting services like National Emergency Service 999, Online Police Clearance, Online GD, E-Traffic Prosecution etc. Ordinary people in remote areas of the country are also getting police, fire service and ambulance services at the earliest by calling 999 for their urgent needs. Regular monitoring of its activities and application of innovative thinking is essential for the development of the 999 service. His Excellency the President said that ordinary people come to the police to get legal services when they are in danger.

You will listen carefully to the problems and grievances of these endangered people, never hesitate to give them legal services sincerely. "You have to make sure that the service seekers are not harassed," he said. Remember, during the first Police Week of Independent Bangladesh, on 15 January 1975, at the Rajarbagh Police Lines, Bangabandhu addressed the police personnel as 'You are the police of the people'. You will stand by the people as 'friends' to become the police of the people in the true sense, you will be the human police. He will fulfill his responsibilities by providing services to the people and gaining their trust. He lauded the members of the police for setting a shining example of service to the people as a front-runner in the Corona epidemic.

Concerned secretaries of the President's Office and Bangladesh Police Auditorium at Bangabhaban end, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan at Rajarbagh end, Md. Akhter Hossain, Senior Secretary, Department of Public Security, Ministry of Home Affairs, Inspector General of Police, Bangladesh Dr. Benazir Ahmed BPM (Bar) and senior police officers were present.

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