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Corona cannot be stopped by shutting down aircraft: World Health Organization

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  • 20 January, 2022 15:26:23

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International Desk: Many countries around the world have imposed travel bans to avoid the delicate situation after the coronavirus infection started to increase. Many countries have cut off communication with several African countries since last November after the identification of the highly contagious Omicron variant. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday (January 19th) that corona infections could not be prevented in this way.

According to Deutsche Welle, World Health Organization (WHO) officials met at the UN on Wednesday. A statement issued after a lengthy meeting said that it was not possible to stop Corona by imposing a travel ban. This only leads to economic losses.

In fact, international tourism and services are booming due to travel bans. Many airlines have laid off staff. Some airlines are about to close. Not only that, many countries are facing financial losses due to the closure of air services. This statement of the World Health Organization is considered very important in this situation.

On Wednesday, the WHO raised another important issue. According to the agency, it should not be mandatory to show two vaccine certificates when traveling. Because, vaccines could not be given equally everywhere in the world. The vaccine did not arrive on time, especially in African countries. In this case, it would be wrong for anyone to ask for two vaccine certificates. Instead, alternative measures have been taken.

The WHO recommends that the person be sent to isolation if they do not have a certificate for the two vaccines. Ask to see the negative report. The cost of 14 days isolation should be taken from him. But he will not be allowed to enter any country, this rule is not right.

Overall, corona infections worldwide have risen by 20 percent in the past week, the WHO said on Wednesday. However, the death rate is the same. The number of recoveries is also high. Most surprisingly, corona infections have dropped significantly in Africa over the past week.

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