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Vaccination of slum dwellers started with Karail of the capital

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  • 16 November, 2021 14:12:41

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News Desk: The government has started vaccination in slum areas to prevent coronavirus infection. The program has started on Tuesday (November 18) by vaccinating the residents of Karail slum in the capital.

On Tuesday morning, the director of the vaccination program of the Department of Health confirmed the matter. Shamsul Haque.

He said, "We have officially started vaccinating the slum dwellers in Karail of the capital today." Vaccination campaigns were supposed to last for two days, but now we are thinking of covering the entire slum dwellers. Campaign is one thing, where we give a day or two. But now we are not calling it a campaign, we will bring the whole slum under ticker. This activity will continue for a few days. I will gradually bring the slums across the country under vaccination.

Dr. Shamsul Haque said, "Earlier we conducted vaccination programs in different places but in the slum areas vaccination was not given that way." So far we have vaccinated on the basis of the campaign.

He further said that there are about three lakh people in Karail slum. Many of them have been vaccinated, we will vaccinate those who have not. However, it must be given to those above 18 years of age, not below.

Asked how those who are not registered will be vaccinated, the health department official said those who come here will be registered on the spot. We have already vaccinated those who have not registered in many places by registering through NID or birth registration.

At a function on Monday (November 15), Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek announced the immunization program in the slum area. He said that one of the reasons for the reduction of corona infection in the country is vaccination. We have already vaccinated more than 50 million people with the first dose and more than 300 million people with the second dose. An average of 1.5 million people are getting vaccinated every day in the country. There are plans to vaccinate 30 million people in November. The target is to vaccinate 80 percent by January.

He said Bangladesh is in a comfortable place. We have been able to deal with the corona infection. The health department said only four people had died on Sunday. However, the infection has increased slightly.

Zahid Malek further said that the Corona situation in the country has been under control for the last one month. However, we want the country's infection and death to come to zero quota. If everyone works together, I hope it will come down to zero soon.

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