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Cyclone Remal may hit West Bengal and Bangladesh

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  • 15 May, 2024 10:49:24

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International Desk: After the relief rains, the temperature has started to rise again. That light was found yesterday. The Meteorological Department has said that the temperature will increase. Heat wave will come. Which has already started somewhere. In the meantime, the cyclone is rushing towards the coastal region of the country as a 'death blow'.

The Indian Meteorological Office says that a strong cyclone 'Remal' may hit the coastal areas of West Bengal and Bangladesh by the end of this month. Four years ago, i.e. on May 20, 2020, Cyclone Amphan hit the coast of the country. There was a lot of damage at that time. But because of the Sundarbans, he was saved in that journey.

Cyclone Remal is likely to arrive in the month of Amphan. The Indian Meteorological Office says that the ideal environment for the cyclone has already been created in the Bay of Bengal. Which may condense into a deep low pressure in the next 20 May and take the form of a cyclone.

However, the direction or course of the cyclone has not yet been confirmed. Meteorologists say Remal could be as destructive as Amphan. But what is its power; It will take some time to know if it will eventually develop into a super cyclone. This cyclone created in the Bay of Bengal has been named Remal.

According to the Indian Meteorological Office's forecast, a cyclone may form in South Bay of Bengal on May 20. It will reinforce straight north. It may take the form of a cyclone on May 24. After the evening of May 25, the cyclone may approach West Bengal or Bangladesh. Source: Hindustan Times

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