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SP Sudeep stood by the old couple who lost their cow in Bogra

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  • 19 September, 2023 00:04:05

Bogra Correspondent:  Police stand by the elderly Vishwanath-Nittabala couple who lost their cow in Bogra. On Monday afternoon, District Superintendent of Police Sudip Kumar Chakraborty went to the couple's house in Mandaldhar village of Rajapur Union of Sadar Upazila and gave them cash, clothes and food items as gifts. At this time, the Superintendent of Police also promised to make efforts to recover the stolen cow of old Bishwanath-Nittabala.

After the reports in various media about the cow theft as the only means of income of this helpless couple, Bogra Superintendent of Police Sudeep Kumar Chakraborty immediately tried to stand by the couple when he came to the notice of the cow theft incident of Vishwanath-Nittabala.  

Superintendent of Police Sudeep Kumar Chakraborty said, 'Two weeks ago, a cow was stolen from the cattle shed of this family. After the news of this incident, their humanitarian appeal came to the attention of the police. The couple was gifted cash, clothes and food items by the district police. Multiple teams of police and district detective police are working to arrest the gang of thieves including recovering cows. The police will support all humanitarian appeals of the Biswanath-Nittabala couple. However, he called upon the district administration and other capable people of the society to come forward in support of the family. 

At that time, Biswanath Sarkar told the media, I can't even imagine that such a big babu will come to my house. Everything seems like a dream. The police have cooperated with me since the beginning. My family is grateful to them. The police have assured me that they will rescue the cow. With the support they have given me, I can live with my family for the time being. This cow was one of my sources of income. 

Earlier on the night of August 31, when Vishwanath Sarkar and Nittabala couple were sleeping, miscreants broke the door of the house and stole the cow. Vishwanath wakes up to see empty cows. The cow was 10 months pregnant at the time of theft. Biswanath Sarkar (75) and Nittabala Sarkar (66) are residents of Paschim Mandaldhar village of Rajapur Union in Sadar.

Additional Superintendent of Police Sharafat Islam and Inspector of Police (Investigation) of Sadar Police Station said while giving gifts to the elderly Biswanath-Nittabala couple. Shahinuzzaman was present.


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