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Harmony rally in Bogra to keep inter-religious relations and social bonds intact

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  • 17 September, 2022 20:00:42

Photo: CNI

Sanju Roy, Bogra: With the slogan 'Hindu of Bengal, Buddhist of Bengal, Christian of Bengal, Muslim of Bengal, we are all Bengalis', a harmony rally was organized by the Sadar Upazila Administration in Bogra to strengthen the existing inter-religious relations and social bonds of Bangladesh. About 5,000 people of all religions participated enthusiastically in this rally held at Upazila Parishad Chattar from Saturday morning to noon. Bogra Deputy Commissioner Md. Ziaul Haque inaugurated the harmony gathering in the morning by flying balloons, festoons and doves as symbols of peace. Later, with respect to all religions, the Holy Quran, Gita, Tripitaka and Bible were read in the gathering, through which the religious message containing the message of harmony was conveyed to all. Bogra Deputy Commissioner Md. Ziaul Haque said that Bangladesh has always been seen as an example of communal harmony since its inception. Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working tirelessly to strengthen the existing inter-religious relations and social bonds of Bangladesh. But in the meantime, at various times, some nefarious groups who have mainly made efforts to destroy communal harmony in the atmosphere of religion or using religion to fulfill their personal interests. But the people of this Bengal resisted it with a strong hand. No evil force can destroy the harmony of Bengal. In the speech of the special guest in the rally, General Secretary of Bogra District Awami League Ragebul Ahsan Ripu said, not only in Bangladesh but in different countries of the world, a group wants to achieve their personal interests by shielding religion and creating various types of violence. But no one or any group can destroy the harmony between the people of Bangladesh. He urged everyone to read various religious texts and understand their meaning and retain them among themselves, then no group can give false interpretations in the name of religion. Also, in the speech of the special guest in the gathering, Sagar Kumar Roy, president of the Bogra district branch of the Bangladesh Puja Udjan Parishad, said that the harmony established in Bengal by the hands of the father of the nation since independence has never been lost. At times, the kuchakri mahal have made their various conspiracies to destroy the harmony of this country, but it is not so easy to destroy the inter-religious relations in the Bengal of Bangabandhu's dream. Even then, he urged us to forget all the differences and walk the path of the future in unity with each other in the hope of building a prosperous Bangladesh in the future. Bogra Additional Superintendent of Police (Sadar Circle) Sharafat Islam, District Awami League President Mojibur Rahman Majnu, Chairman of Sadar Upazila Parishad Abu Sufian Safiq, Deputy Director of Bogra Islamic Foundation spoke as special guests. Shahjahan Ali, District Imam Association Secretary Maulana Md. Mostakim Hossain and Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist, Christian Unity Parishad Bogra district president Dr. N. C is too much. Sadar Upazila Awami League General Secretary Mafuzul Islam Raj, Prabir Bara, Principal of Bogra YMCA Public School and College Robert Robin Marandi, District Puja Udjaj Parishad Vice President Pradeep Bhattacharya Shankar, Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Samaj Sanskar Samiti General Secretary also addressed the gathering. Gautam Kumar Das and others. Assistant Commissioner (Land) Bogra Sadar Nasim Reza, Bogra Municipality Panel Mayor-1 Parimal Chandra Das, District Puja Udjaj Parishad General Secretary Nirmalendu Roy, Municipal Branch President of the organization Parimal Prasad Raj and other political leaders of Sadar Upazila were also present in the rally. Chairman, UP members, heads of various educational institutions in Sadar and people from all walks of life.

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