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Now 'Hawa' is being released in 117 theaters in North America.

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  • 30 August, 2022 10:02:20

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Entertainment desk: The movie 'Hawa' released on July 29 is going on. The first movie directed by filmmaker Mejbaur Rahman Sumon is being appreciated by those who are watching it. As a result, its popularity is gradually increasing.

Crossing the borders of the country, 'Hawa' is now being released in North America. This was confirmed by the president of the international distributor "Dream Scarecrow". Aliullah is alive. The movie also set several records before its release there.

This is the first time that a major North American cinema chain (Canada's second largest cinema chain, Landmark Cinemas) has taken the initiative to show a Bangladeshi movie in its 2 theaters.

This is the first time that 2 cinema chains have started selling advance tickets of a movie in Bangladesh a week before its release. Canada's major cinema chain 'Cineplex Entertainment' and USA's 'Jamaica Multiplex Cinemas' are selling 'Hawa' tickets from August 25 night.

In this context, the head of 'Dream Scarecrow' said, "The audience of Bangladeshi cinema in Canada and America is showing good interest in the movie. It is unprecedented and a matter of great pride for our movie that the multiplexes started selling tickets for 'Hawa' seven days in advance."

Directed by Mejbaur Rahman Sumon, 'Hawa' is going to be released in 117 theaters, a record for a Bangladeshi movie in Canada and America from September 2.

Note that the story of 'Hawa' revolves around a fishing trawler in the sea. It has an intrusion of mythology and relationships. Chanchal Chowdhury, Nazifa Tushi, Shariful Islam Raj, Suman Anwar, Nasir Uddin Khan, Sohail Mondal, Rizvi Riju, Mahmud Hasan and Bablu Bose have acted in various roles in the movie. The movie produced by Facecard is produced by Sun Music and Motion Pictures Limited.

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