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Bishwarang's Basanti Sundari Competition

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  • 17 January, 2022 17:13:01

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Entertainment Reporter: The country's well-known fashion brand "Bishwarang". It is a name known as one of the fashion brands in the fashion industry of Bangladesh for long 27 years. In these 26 years, Bishwarang has gifted many talented models in the fashion industry of Bangladesh by organizing various events. These models discovered by Bishwarang are constantly illuminating the media arena of Bangladesh with their own talents.

All the winners from the platforms of "20-20 Colors" and "Sharad Saje Bishwa Rang E Didi" organized by Bishwarang are now giving away good works in the world of media dramas, movies and advertisements. They may be established as the bright stars of the future. In that series, Bishwarang has organized "Basanti Sundari-2022" competition on the occasion of Rituraj Basant celebration. Do you want to be a “world-famous beauty”? If you want, then submit the form by 31st January 2022 according to the rules mentioned below in any showroom of Bishwarang near you. Girls of any age from any part of the country can participate in this competition.

Those who wish to participate must fill out a form from the nearest Bishwarang showroom with 4 copies of newly taken 4R size (close, mid long, full length) photo. Prominent media personalities of Bangladesh will be the judges in this competition.

Those interested in participating need to call: 01730068063, 01730068043

Visit: Bishworang Online Shop www.bishworang.com and

Facebook page bishworangfanclub

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