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That's how the name 'Meta' came about

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  • 29 October, 2021 10:50:13

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News Desk: The discussion started a decade ago. The world's most-used social media site Facebook could change its name on October 19, The Verge reported. There was an uproar after the news was published through the international news which is known for publishing news about technology.

Discussions continue in the world of technology and social communication, what could be the name of Facebook? Why this initiative to change their name? The Verge could not provide any statement from Facebook in the report of that day. However, citing a person involved in the 'name change' process, Facebook gave several reasons for the initiative. According to Verge's report, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is working on the idea of ​​a virtual world called 'Metavers' in order to stay ahead of the name change initiative. Apart from Facebook, which is under Facebook Inc., there are plans to bring all the apps or services like WhatsApp and Instagram under one platform. However, nothing special was known that day about what the new name might be. Discussions about the new name of Facebook started in the technology world after the publication of that report by The Verge.

Especially in the last one week, there was a discussion on Twitter about names like Bookface, Facegram, Factgram, Facebook or WorldChanger. In the discussion with this, the alternative name of Facebook was 'Meta'. This name was also put forward by many technology analysts. Because the name is similar to Mark Zuckerberg's new business idea Metavers. Verge's report said that Facebook's annual conference 'Connect' will be held on October 28. On the same day, Zuckerberg will discuss the name change. However, before that, the new name may be announced by Facebook. Finally, after all the discussions, the Facebook CEO of Connect announced the new name of Facebook Inc. 'Meta'. Now the question is, why the initiative to change the name of the most popular organization in the world? The first answer is that the renaming of technology companies for business expansion is not new. As before, Google changed the name of their main organization to Alphabet. The six companies owned by Google are now operated under that company. The second reason that was discussed and what Facebook also said was - to establish their new business idea Metaverse. Metaverse is an idea that you are sitting in the office or at home, but you can imagine if you want to go to a beach or somewhere else. Money has been invested and efforts have been made for a long time to make this imagination of the people a reality. In addition to Facebook, Google and other technology giants have invested heavily in this work. Metavers will work to bring people closer to reality by mingling with the digital world. Facebook changed its name with this idea in mind. Meta has emerged as the new giant of the technology world.

When the name change was announced on Thursday night, Bangladesh time, it was also known that the name of Facebook will be correct. Only the name of their original organization will be changed to Meta. However, shortly after Zuckerberg announced the name change, their own Facebook page, Facebook, was renamed. It is now seen as Meta. They also changed their cover photo. Along with that a description has been given.

That being said, Meta is helping to create a future through which people will find ways to play and connect more in Metaverse. Welcome to the new chapter of social communication. As a result, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg probably knows best what Facebook really wants to do.

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