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Some of Edison's funny stories

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  • 08 October, 2021 14:12:34

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News Desk: We all know about Thomas Alva Edison. He was a famous scientist. From a young age, he grew up with a curious mind. From the age of only five-six years, this world-famous scientist has given birth to all the funny things. Many people know such incidents.

Here are some of them: As a child, he thought, if a duck can hatch a baby from an egg; But why can't people? With such curiosity, he once sat quietly in a duck cage. The duck was watching closely how the baby hatched from the egg. In his childhood, he had an irrefutable argument that if I put an egg under a duck, if the baby comes out of it, why not from my stomach? Thomas Alva Edison was very forgetful, could not remember anything. He was a very rich man then. Went to submit the return to the tax office. Going to write his name is in great danger. Can't remember his name at all. He has forgotten his own name. He was sitting and tearing his hair and gnashing his teeth. Suddenly meeting the neighbor, ‘What’s the matter, Thomas, what are you doing here?’ The moment I remembered my name. Once he was working in the laboratory. He decided to build a helicopter, and gunpowder would be the fuel. He started the work without thinking anything. Made a sample and went to run, immediately boom! The whole laboratory caught fire.

Did you die, did you somehow get out and save your life? Edison avoided traditional banquets. Once under pressure, he had to go to a dinner party. At one point it seemed so unbearable that he decided to cut it quietly. But unfortunately, on the way out, the owner of the house was confronted. The gentleman said in an exasperated voice, ‘It’s a wonderful thing to have you at this party, Mr. Edison. What project are you working on now? ’Edison said in a dry voice,‘ on how to get out of here! ’

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