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Video calling facility is coming to Gmail

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  • 15 September, 2021 12:10:49

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News Desk: The use of Gmail during the Corona epidemic has increased worldwide. Now everyone is dependent on it, starting from personal work to office work. Starting with Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, Android phone users can't get up without Gmail.

Now not only video calls can be made with the help of apps like Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, WhatsApp, but also voice calls and video calls can be made with the help of Gmail chat.

Phone calls and video calls can be made with the help of Gmail web app. This facility can be availed from desktop, laptop, Android phone, smartphone or other devices.

In Corona situation, everyone's reliance on Gmail as well as video calling app has increased. In many cases video conferencing is also required. That's why Gmail is coming up with a special feature considering all aspects.

Google Meet is no longer used for voice calls. Video calls can be made even if the mail is open. Google has informed that new video and voice call features will be added to Gmail in November.

It is known that in this feature, if a person chooses an account and dials it, his phone will ring. This call can be answered from any smartphone. Users are looking forward to this new feature of Gmail.

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