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Silver artisans protest in Chatmohar demanding increase in wages

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  • 16 August, 2022 22:46:15

Photo: CNI

Tofazzal Hossain Babu, Pabna: The artisans working in silver shops in Chatmohar, Pabna, have taken to the streets demanding an increase in wages due to the increase in the price of daily necessities. On Tuesday (August 16) afternoon, they circled various roads of the city center with a protest procession. Later, he applied in writing to the Upazila Nirbahi officer to increase the wages. According to the writ petition, it has become impossible for the silver artisans to live on their previous wages in the current price hike market. Although the silver merchants have spoken to the owners many times about the increase in wages, they have not taken any action. Rana Hossain, craftsman of Rosi Shilpa cottage in Syed Market adjacent to Mirza Market, said, I have been working with silver for about fifteen years. The owner has not increased our wages in the last ten years. We are forced to take to the streets to demand fair wages. When we applied to the Jewelery Owners Association in this regard, they discussed with us. Some of the owners verbally abused us. Wants to raise very little wages. We cannot accept that. Jalal Hossain, an artisan of Swapna Jewelers in Chatmohar Thana Bazar area of ​​Dolong village of Bilchalon Union, said that the owners made us work by violating the labor law. But they don't give us fair wages. In the last 10 years, the prices of goods have increased, but our wages have not increased. So with no other option, we hit the road. We want fair wages. I want the implementation of the labor law. In this regard, Anichur Rahman, the owner of Rosi Shilpa Kutir and advisor of Chatmohar Jewelery Association, said that the artisans work on contract. He gets paid as much as he works. If the artisans demand an increase in wages of 10 to 50 rupees per piece, we also ask for a little increase. But they don't accept it. Uttam Karmakar, General Secretary of Chatmohar Jewelery Owners Association, said, "While we discussed with the artisans on Monday night, we wanted to increase the wages a little, but the artisans did not accept it." On Tuesday, they applied to the upazila executive officer. In this regard, Chatmohar Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Mumtaz Mahal said that we have received the application of silver artisans. I will try to resolve the issue by discussing with both parties.

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