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Allegations of vandalism and assault against member in Ashulia; Arrest 8

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  • 10 August, 2022 18:09:38

Photo: CNI

Representative of the Assembly: A UP member and his men were accused of assaulting, beating and looting a house in Savar's Ashulia. The incident took place at Ward No. 3 of Ashulia's Pathalia Union on Tuesday around 7 pm. Later, based on the written complaint of the victim, the police arrested 8 people, including the member of that ward, Safiul Alam Sohag. Then on Wednesday at around 12 noon, the information showing their arrest after the case was confirmed by Ashulia Police Station Sub-Inspector (SI) Shariful Islam. Tawhid Sardar, the victim, said, "I was sitting quietly in the Muktdhara field with my friend Shawon on Tuesday afternoon. At this time 20 to 25 boys and girls come there. Later they were also sitting there chatting. At that time, one of them said that he was disturbing and asked us to leave from there. Then when my friend Shaun protested, they got angry. At one point, before I knew it, the bugger hit me on the head with a cricket bat. At that time my friend Shawn quickly called my elder brother and they ran away. Later I caught the boy named Fahim who had hit me and took him to my house. Due to this incident, Tawhid alleged that UP member Sohag and his people attacked their house on behalf of that party. He further said, Sohag member attacked our house with men around 7 pm and beat me up. When trying to stop this, the member beat my mother, sister and brother. He alleged that they vandalized the furniture along with the glass windows of the house and looted the money. Tawheed's sister Tabassum Tamanna said, 'Member Aisa is running rampant in the whole house. My brother's bike is broken. Later, the member beat me with a stick. I get pain in the back when I push and stretch my throat. Then his drink is kicking me. Sohag member is also beating my mother. Mother Bakul Begum said, "In a trivial incident, people of members are attacking my house with 20 to 25 Hondas at night. They took various things including gold chain, 90 thousand rupees. When we went to lodge a complaint at the police station around 11:30 pm, the members harassed us with a group. Later police arrested 8 people including member Sohag. Ashulia Police Station Sub-Inspector (SI) Shariful Islam said that Bakul Begum filed a case against 14 people. The arrest of 8 people who were detained at night has been shown. He also said that the rest will be arrested.

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