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Baufel sells saline at extra price, fines two companies

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  • 22 April, 2021 12:35:22

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Baufal Patuakhali Correspondent: The outbreak of diarrhea has suddenly increased in Baufal of Patuakhali. There is no place to store sesame in the hospital. In such an opportunity, the local pharmacies have increased the price by showing the artificial crisis of diarrhea CS saline. As a result, the relatives of the patient have to buy saline at extra cost. On the basis of such allegations, raids were carried out on two pharmacies including the internal pharmacy of Kalaiya Shaheda Gafur Diabetes Hospital in Kalaiya Bazar and Muntaha Medical near Launchghat on Wednesday afternoon.

A mobile court headed by Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mr. Anichur Rahman Bali conducted the operation in the pharmacies. He was fined Tk 5,000 for selling diarrhea saline at an extra price by creating an artificial crisis. At the same time, each pharmacy is instructed to sell medicines at a fair price.

Regarding the campaign, Assistant Commissioner Land Anichur Rahman Bali said that pharmacies are charging the extra price of saline from the general public to increase the incidence of diarrhea in hot weather. The operation has been carried out on the basis of such allegations. This campaign will continue to stop such misdeeds.

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