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Sonalu, Krishnachura and Jarul flowers decorate the nature in different styles

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  • 16 May, 2024 00:30:31

Gazipur Correspondent:  Yellow gold, red tuktuk black cherry and purple jarul flowers have made the nature beautiful and colorful. When people and nature are panting in the intense heat of summer, the yellow, crimson red and purple hues of green are showing their eye-catching forms. The various paths and streets of Kaliganj in Gazipur, an industrial district near Dhaka, are now decorated with a unique beauty of nature. Due to bad weather, sometimes there is sunshine, sometimes there is rain. And among these, the colors of black, golden and jarul flowers have increased the beauty in nature. The pedestrian's eyes widen.

It has been seen on the ground that the entire road has been colored with golden flowers on the side of the road at one corner of Bowali Bridge in Tumlia Union of Kaliganj Upazila. The tree is bewitching the pedestrians on the road. Two Jarul trees are standing in the premises of Kaliganj Central Library. The trees spread beauty among the readers and visitors coming to the two libraries. 

Kaliganj RRN Pilot Govt High School has two very old black cherry trees in one corner. That place is very cold. Shitalakshya joins the wind rising from the river. Besides, many people come here to visit and take pictures. Many people stop the car and rest. There are numerous Sonalu, Jarul and Krishnachura trees all over Kaliganj. Which adds something different to the green this time around.  

Muhammad Alamin of Darisom village said, in fact, this time adds a different dimension to nature. Especially, the colors of golden, black and yellow paint our minds. Trishordha Nurul Islam of Bhadartti village said that if Krishnachura, Sonalu and Jarul trees are planted on the side of the road, the locals believe that besides increasing the beauty, the shortage of unjustly cutting trees will be met.

Roni Haider Sumon of Boali village said, flowers are very dear to me. Especially in summer, nature makes its own way. Our conviction should be to plant as many trees as possible. In that case, it is not bad if Sonalu, Krishnachura and Jarul trees are there. Kaliganj Upazila Nirbahi Officer SM Imam Razi Tulu said that instead of planting foreign trees based on emotion, such trees should be planted in accordance with the environment of the area. In that case, Sonalu, Jarul or Chatim trees can also be there. This executive officer of the upazila also thinks that if the trees bloom, nature will add a different dimension. 


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