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A 6.1-magnitude earthquake shook Japan

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  • 03 April, 2024 04:40:03

International Desk  : A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck Japan. The earthquake was felt in the northern regions of Iwate and Aomori on Tuesday, the country's meteorological agency said. According to Reuters, the origin of the earthquake was at a depth of 71 km in the northern coastal part of the prefecture in Iowa. However, no damage was reported.

The earthquake is believed to have occurred within the Pacific plate. It is under a landward plate or near a boundary between two plates. The country's Meteorological Department said that no tsunami warning was issued due to the earthquake. After the earthquake, the government set up an information office at the Crisis Management Center in the Prime Minister's Office. Japan is often hit by earthquakes.

On the first day of January this year, an earthquake of magnitude 7.6 struck the Ishikawa region in the central part of Japan. 241 people died in it. According to geologists, the country's geography is the biggest reason why Japan is hit by earthquakes so often. According to Live Science, Japan lies along the 'Pacific Ring of Fire', the world's 'most active' earthquake belt.

The Ring of Fire is a large 'horseshoe' shaped path along the Pacific Ocean, marked by active volcanic and seismic activity or earthquake-prone areas. According to National Geographic, about 90 percent of the world's earthquakes occur in this part, the Pacific Ring of Fire, including the most intense earthquakes.

The Ring of Fire consists of the movement of multiple tectonic plates, and they often collide. In an interview with Live Science, geophysicist Douglas Given said, "Earth's surface is broken up into about a dozen or more large pieces, all of which are moving around." And to the west are the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate.


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