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Prime Minister will not organize any iftar party at Ganabhaban this time

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  • 25 March, 2023 13:51:31

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News Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will not organize any Iftar party at Ganabhaban this Ramadan. The Prime Minister will personally have a simple Iftar this time. Deputy Press Secretary Hasan Zahid Tushar has confirmed to Dhaka Post that the Prime Minister will exercise restraint and reduce expenditure on the Iftar. As part of the frugal policy adopted by the Prime Minister in the current global context, he will not hold any kind of Iftar party this time. Iftar, moderation and cost reduction.

Hasan Zahid Tushar said that apart from not holding a formal event, the Prime Minister's personal Iftar will also be simple. He will practice austerity in private iftar. He also said that the Prime Minister's office has already saved about 25 crore rupees. He is following this frugal policy. Where eight lights used to be used in Ganobhaban, the Chief Minister now uses two lights. He takes care of these things himself.



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