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We have done digital Bangladesh for the welfare of people: Sheikh Hasina

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  • 19 March, 2023 12:07:38

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News desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, we have developed digital Bangladesh. Today I have arranged WiFi all over Bangladesh. It has also created opportunities and increased cybercrime. We also need to be vigilant and take measures against cybercrime. All our intelligence agencies including RAB have to play their proper role. It harms many people. We have done digital Bangladesh for the welfare of people, not for the welfare of people. Everyone should remember this.  

Sheikh Hasina also said that as we are becoming self-reliant, we are developing, and at the same time, the influence of drugs is also increasing. Many people are addicted to drugs. It ranges from the rich class to the very lowest class. Sheikh Hasina said, if someone in a family is addicted to drugs, there is no limit to the suffering of that family. It is also seen that drug addicted children kill their parents. The campaign against drugs that RAB is conducting is being developed as a social movement. We have a lot of control. Everyone needs to be more proactive in this regard.  

He said these things in the address of the chief guest on the occasion of the 19th founding anniversary of Elite Force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) on Sunday morning. The Durbar is being held at the RAB headquarters in Kurmitola of the capital. Sheikh Hasina said that every member of RAB is carrying out the duties assigned to him with utmost sincerity to protect the law and order of the country. Along with that, RAB is successfully carrying out its duties in combating militancy, drug recovery, anti-adulteration operations, cyber crime, natural disasters, storms, floods, landslides, man-made disasters, etc. 

The Prime Minister also said that when schools and colleges were running in a limited capacity during the Corona period, we noticed the rise of juvenile gangs. It's a terrible thing. Due to the strong role of our intelligence agencies and law enforcement, nothing like this could have happened here except for a holy artisan. Still some boys are provoked. RAB is taking a very strong role in this field as well. The head of government said, another burden on us is the Rohingyas from Myanmar. Various types of crimes are happening there constantly. Everyone should pay more attention in this regard so that no accident can happen. 


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