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Mehrunnisa is sick, Nawaz has to return from the door

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  • 03 March, 2023 19:08:06

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Entertainment Desk : Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui's time is not going well at all. The actor is in the headlines again amid marital discord with wife Alia Siddiqui. He could not meet his sick mother. He was turned away from the door in the middle of the night. Nawaz's mother Meherunnisa's health has been bad for several days. Nawaz came home on Thursday (March 2) on news of further deterioration of the situation. He had a mask on his face. He was hoping to see his mother once. But he could not enter as his brother Faizuddin and a few others blocked the actor. Many explanations did not help. People explain to him that he has lost access to his own house.

A few weeks ago, when he went to meet his children in Andheri's bungalow, his wife Alia did not allow him to enter. Currently, Nawaz is spending his days in the hotel. Alia was recently called by the police of Varsova police station in the atmosphere of mutual accusations and mutual mudslinging. She brought a bunch of allegations against ex-husband Nawaz.

Wants to keep the children with him, and also wants to solve property related problems. The resolution of the situation depends on the court's verdict. Last week, the Mumbai High Court ordered Nawaz and Alia to talk to resolve the issue of custody of their two children. Nawaz, however, wanted to take responsibility for the maintenance of his 12-year-old daughter himself and denied the 7-year-old son. Alia sat down in that situation.



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