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Queen Rakhi blames Adil for mother's death

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  • 08 February, 2023 14:26:24

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Entertainment Desk: Drama queen Rakhi Sawant and husband Adil Durrani's marital discord has no end. Adil announced her separation from her husband on Monday on charges of adultery.

Rakhi made more explosive allegations against Adil. His mother died because of Adil.

Rakhi complained, 'My mother died because of Adil. The mother could have been saved if she had been treated at the right time. How much trouble will Adil give?'

Rakhi said, 'Before I left, I gave a check of 10 lakh rupees to Radil Productions. If mother needs money, money should be given from there. That money is mine, not Adil's. Then my mother needed money, a surgery was needed. But Adil did not pay the required amount to the hospital. Very little money was given to my mother-in-law. The mother could not be operated on time due to non-payment of Adil money. Mother left me for Adil.'

Rakhi also said, 'Adil went to stay at the woman's house with all his belongings. 5-6 lakhs and took all his mother's jewelry with him.'

Rakhi claims that the girl's name is Tanu. He spoke to the girl on the phone.

The drama queen said, 'Adil asked me to apologize in front of the media. If I apologize, he will come back. He said he will leave everyone and come to me. But he did not come.'




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