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Chinese internet search engine Baidu will be opened next March

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  • 05 February, 2023 22:09:21

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Information Technology Desk: Chinese Internet search engine Baidu Inc plans to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT in March.

A person who did not wish to be named told The Straits Times that the company plans to launch the service as a standalone application. The service will later be integrated into their search engine, although the name of the tool has not yet been determined. However, it is assumed that this chatbot will work like Open AI.

Baidu has spent billions of dollars in research to bring AI to everything from online marketing to other technologies. Baidu has already built large-scale machine-learning models. which has been trained by storing and storing data for years. It will be based on tools like chatgpt. However, a Baidu representative declined to comment on the matter.

ChatGTP is built on a technology module that can answer questions like a human through analyzing large amounts of data, provide information like a search engine, and even write prose like a writer. Meanwhile, ChatGTP's Open AI has gained popularity since it was released last November. Got millions of users within a few days. Along with this, some controversy has also been created.

Microsoft and other companies are investing billions of dollars to develop ChatGTP. BuzzFeed's shares have more than doubled this month since the arrival of ChatGPT.

Note that in addition to research on artificial intelligence, Baidu is also working on automatic driving technology.


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