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After 70 years, the two expatriate daughters of public leader Shamchul Haque are overwhelmed by coming back to their ancestral home.

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  • 02 February, 2023 15:09:05

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Md. Rashed Khan Menon, Tangail:After 70 years, the two expatriate daughters of public leader Shamchul Haque are overwhelmed with emotions after returning to their ancestral home. Villagers welcomed the two daughters of Awami Muslim League founder Shamchul Haque with flowers in their ancestral home on Wednesday. When I was a child in Maithan village of Delduar upazila in Tangail, my father once came to Maithan village. But they don't remember that memory. Almost 70 years have passed since then. Didn't come anymore. There is a separation between the parents. His father lost his mental balance and disappeared. He came again on February 1 for his father's 105th birthday. Throughout the day, he looked at his father's memorial. Two daughters of Awami Muslim League founder general secretary Bhasha Sainik Shamchul Haque were moved by this. Among them are Shaheen Fatema Dil, a former professor at Harvard University in the United States and Shayka Dil, an astrophysicist at the US space agency NASA. Shaheen Fatema was born on April 9, 1951. Shayka was born on the 22nd of 1952

Shamchul Haque's nephew doctor Saiful Islam Swapan is the president of Shamchul Haque Foundation named after his uncle. He said that the two sisters paid tribute to the portrait of their father Shamchul Haque at the district headquarters gate (Shamchul Haque Toran) on the morning of February 1 in Tangail. They paid a courtesy call on Tangail District Council Chairman and District Awami League President Fazlur Rahman Khan Farooq. At this time, Fazlur Rahman Khan gifted them a traditional loom saree of Tangail. Later he interacted with the teachers and students of the college established in the name of Shamchul Haque at Elenga in Kalihati. From there they paid floral tributes to Shamshul Haque's grave (discovered in May 2007) at Jokarchar in Kalihati. In the afternoon, Shaheen Fatema Dil and Shaeka Dil went to their ancestral house in Maithan of Delduar upazila. At that time, the residents of the village welcomed them by throwing flowers.

A cake cutting was organized on the occasion of Shamshul Haque's birthday at Maithan Teuria MK Dakhil Madrasa grounds. President of Shamchul Haque Foundation Saiful Islam, General Secretary Abul Kalam Mostafa, Chairman of Deuli Union Parishad Tahmina Haque spoke there.

At this time, Shaheen Fatema Dil, daughter of Shamchul Haque, said, 'I and my sister are very happy to have come to Tangail. You have preserved my father's memory. We are proud of him for remembering him. Later they crossed the Shamchul Haque bridge over the Dhaleswari river at Elasin in Delduar and went to Dhaka.

Abul Kalam Mostafa, general secretary of Shamchul Haque Foundation said, Shamchul Haque graduated in history from Dhaka University. Awami Muslim League was formed on June 23, 1949 with Maulana Bhasani as president and Shamshul Haque as general secretary. On September 19, 1949, he married Afia Khatun, a teacher in the English Department of Eden College. Later this politician played an important role in language movement. In 1953, his wife Afia Khatun moved to New Zealand with his two daughters for higher education. Shamchul Haque was in prison at that time. Afia Khatun broke up with Shamchul Haque in 1961. Shamchul Haque had mental problems after coming out of prison. On September 29, 1964, he came home to visit his sick mother. Leave home the next day. He was not found after that. Abul Kalam Mustafa also said, After breaking up with Shamsul Haque, Afia Haque started teaching at Harvard University. She married Anwar Dil, a Pakistani national who taught at that university. Shamchul Haque's two daughters grew up there.

President of Shamchul Haque Foundation Saiful Islam said that in 2008, he came in contact with Shamchul Haque's wife through left-wing politician and writer Badruddin Umar. Later, when he came to Dhaka, he met him. There you can learn about the two daughters of Shamchul Haque. Later in 2013 Shaheen Fatima Dil and Shaeka Dil were contacted by telephone. Since then they were in regular contact.

Saiful Islam also said that there are children of Shamchul Haque, they are very talented, many did not know that. The two sisters are moved by the memory of their father. 


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