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Facebook is wasting the user's phone battery

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  • 02 February, 2023 15:08:28

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News desk: Facebook is destroying the user's phone battery. Recently, such allegations have been made against Mark Zuckerberg's company. A former employee of Facebook made this complaint. He said that the Facebook app can intentionally drain the user's smartphone battery.

George Hayward, a former staff data scientist at the company, worked on the Messenger app. He said that apart from Facebook, Messenger app also works the same. This process is called 'Negative Testing'. By using which companies can quickly drain the battery of the user's phone while using various features of the app. The app can also consume a user's phone data while checking how fast an image loads in the app.

Hayward claims he told the manager at the outset that the process could harm users. However, the manager said, the loss of some people can help the benefit of many people. He was even fired from the company in November 2022 for refusing to participate in a negative test.

Meanwhile, 1.3 billion users worldwide use Messenger. According to the Digital Global Overview 2021 report, it is the fourth most popular social media app in the world. The app helps Facebook users to make voice and video calls along with chatting. He said that this app has become an important means of communication in many countries.

Source: New York Post


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