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There is so much development in the country because A.League is in power: Prime Minister

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  • 30 January, 2023 15:57:25

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News desk:  Commenting that the country has changed in the last 14 years due to continuous development, Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that this has become possible because Awami League is in power. He said this while inaugurating 11 projects implemented by Directorate of Public Works, Rajuk and Housing Authority under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works in a video conference from Ganobhaban on Monday (January 30) morning.

Sheikh Hasina said, we are working for the overall development of the people of the country. This is possible because the people's representative government is in power in the country. We are working for the people. People voted us in 2014 and 2018. This is possible only because we have worked on their development. The people of the country will prosper only if the democratic process continues in work, that is the reality and that is what you are seeing today.

Sheikh Hasina said that the country does not progress with the declared president-unelected people, illegally occupying power; He who became the army chief after the assassination of the father of the nation, declared himself the president one day. It is a proven fact that the country never prospers with these declared presidents, unelected people. So there was no development in 21 years.

He said, after 1975, power changed in this country with the barrel of a gun. Illegally violates the Constitution, through murder-cum-conspiracy. The democratic trend of independent Bangladesh was interrupted during the long struggle of Bangladesh. Rule the state by illegally seizing power and imposing martial law in violation of the constitution; It is completely unconstitutional. And the government has been run in that manner for 21 years. As a result, the pace of development and growth of the people was disrupted.

The four-time prime minister in the history of the country said, after coming to the government in 1996, I worked as a servant of the people. At least we were able to develop the people. I increased power generation, enrollment rate, food production. After coming to power for the second time, in the 2008 elections, we announced Rupkalpa 21 and formed the government. We take Bangladesh forward through the plan that we have; Bangladesh got the status of developing country by 21.

The three-time prime minister said that so much development has been possible since the formation of the government in 2009. Developments in the country have been made possible because democracy has been established consistently and there are elected representatives of the people.


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