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First day tickets are selling fast

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  • 24 January, 2023 15:43:03

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Entertainment Desk:  'King Khan' is returning to the big screen after four years. Before the release of 'Pathan', Shah Rukh Khan's fans are in a familiar mood. Many are desperate to see this film on the first show of the first day.

Pathan is releasing on the big screen next Wednesday (January 25). Before that, first day tickets are being sold in droves. Statistics show that 2 lakh tickets have already been sold to watch Pathan on the first day. According to Indian news agency PTI, about 35 crore tickets have been sold.

It is believed that Pathan is going to set a record on the first day itself. Many people are guessing the same after seeing the ticket sales. However, the precedent of the first day in Shahrukh's film is not new.

Before this, King Khan has surprised on the first day in several films. The film may not have been a 'superhit'. But fans thronged the halls on the first day just to see his charisma.

Shahrukh's last film was released on 21 December 2018. Commercially, 'Zero' was not very successful. But the film's first day earnings were eye-popping. Shah Rukh, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif starrer 'Zero' made Rs 19.35 crore on the first day. The total business income of this film is 186 crores.

Shah Rukh, Anushka starrer 'Job Harry Met Sejal' was released in 2017. Shahrukh's charisma could not cross the 200 crore mark in this film as well. But on the first day this film also did more than 15 crore business. The first day 'Job Harry Met Sejal' earned 15 crore 25 lakhs. All in all, this film made a business of 153 crore rupees.

In 2017, another much awaited film of Shah Rukh was released. Like 'Pathan', 'Raees' was slated for release on January 25. However, this film could not meet the expectations at the box office. The makers bet on King Khan alone in Raees. The film made a business of Tk 20 crore 42 lakh on the first day. But the earning run of 'Raees' stopped at only 128 crores.

In 2016, one of Shahrukh's most talked about films 'Dear Zindagi' was released. King Khan worked with Alia Bhatt in this so-called different genre film. The commercial success of the film is much less than many other films. 'Dear Zindagi' collected Rs 8.75 crore on the first day. The total box office earnings of the film stopped at 135 crores.

'Fan' was released in April 2016. This film was highly anticipated due to Shahrukh's performance in a joint role. However, 'Fan' could not cross the threshold of 200 crores. The film made a business of Tk 19 crore 20 lakh on the first day of its release. Later, the run of success of 'Fan' stopped at 188 crores.

Shahrukh could not enter the 200 crore club in the last few years. Is his charisma fading slowly in Bollywood? That question has also arisen. The last 'Chennai Express' of 2013 did business of over 200 crores. Whether 'Pathan' can break that precedent, will tell only after the release.


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