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WhatsApp now has the facility to pin a chat of 5 people

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  • 05 January, 2023 14:58:31

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News desk: WhatsApp has announced a new feature at the beginning of the year. Until now 3 chats could be pinned to the top on WhatsApp. From now on 5 chats can be pinned to top instead of 3. Technology website Webinfo reported the information.

According to webtinfo, many important chats are lost in the crowd of different chats and messages. It is difficult to find them quickly when needed. This new feature is coming to eliminate that problem. With the help of this feature, the required chat can be easily found. That's why instead of 3, from now on 5 important chat pins can be pinned to the top.

Know how to pin to top of chat-

First of all open WhatsApp. Now click on the chat you want to pin to top or right swap.

Now you will see a pin icon at the top. Click it. Then your chat will be pin to top.

Above all will be the chat. You can pin to top chat in the same way on desktop.

This feature is coming soon. At the same time, WhatsApp is working on reporting status like messages. With this feature, anyone posting hateful or hateful statuses can be reported.


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