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Google released a special doodle on New Year's Eve

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  • 01 January, 2023 14:35:22

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News desk: Just  as the farewell to the old year is sad, the joy of welcoming the new year is not less. All over the world everyone welcomed the year 2023 with fireworks, lanterns and various events. Google released a special doodle on New Year's Eve.

Google publishes special doodles on various days and memorable events. Today, January 1, the first day of the year, was no exception. This day's special Google doodle has caught everyone's attention. Google launched a special doodle today to say goodbye to the year 2022.

The left corner of the doodle is animated in the doodle. There is a glittering doodle of 2022. Clicking on the animated doodle of 2022 will spread colorful glittering pieces of paper across the screen. With the year 2022 gone will come the year 2023 doodle. A touch of New Year's Eve happiness will also spread in your mind. Google said that this system is to convey the mood of the festival to the users.

This is not the first time, Google releases special doodles on various festivals and days. Sometimes to celebrate a famous person's birthday or death, sometimes Google takes initiatives to remind social media users of special days.

Doodle is a special day or a special person for a special day above the search box to replace their own logo that is designed to match the special day. Google's aesthetic doodles on public awareness and unknown topics have always caught the attention of netizens.


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