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Today is historic Jessore Independence Day

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  • 06 December, 2022 15:39:07

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Md. Osman Gani, Benapole (Jesore): Jessore Freedom Day today (December 6). On this day in 1971 Jessore was liberated from the invaders. Jessore district administration and various organizations have taken various programs to observe the day with due dignity.

During the war of liberation, the invading forces built an advanced base in Salua Bazar of Chowagacha Upazila of Jessore. At this time, the allied forces and Mukti Bahini built strong bases on three sides of the Jessore cantonment. The last operations of the war of resistance took place on 3, 4 and 5 December. During these three days, fierce battles were fought between the brave freedom fighters and the invading forces at various places in Jessore region. At this time, the allied forces also launched airstrikes and shelling at various installations of Pakistani forces including the Jessore cantonment from the border area. At one point, the beleaguered Pak Army started to flee from December 5. In the morning and afternoon of this day, the Indian ninth infantry and the fourth mountain division had a fierce fight with the ninth division of Pakistan. In the afternoon, the Pak army officers realized that the Jessore fort could not be defended in any way.

Brigadier Hayat ordered Lieutenant Colonel Shams, who was in charge of the Benapole area, to move quickly towards Nawapara. And he fled from Jessore Cantonment towards Khulna in the dark of night with his brigade. On December 5 and 6, during their escape, they fought with the Liberation Army at various places including suburban Rajarhat. On the afternoon of December 6, under the leadership of the Allied Commander General Barat, the Allies and Liberation Army captured the cantonment.

Preparations for the burial of the skeletons of the martyrs killed by the invaders in the Jessore cantonment area. It has been mentioned in the 'Jesore Gazetteer' published by the Ministry of Establishment of Preparations for the burial of the skeletons of the martyrs in the Jessore cantonment area, 'Before the evening of the 6th, all the Pak forces left the Jessore cantonment and fled. At around 11:30 am on December 7, Major Manzoor, the commander of Sector 8, and Major General Dalbir Singh, the commander of the Allied 9th Division, entered Jessore. Even then they did not know that the Jessore cantonment was empty. They were surprised to see no resistance.'

Rajek Ahmed, the former commander of Jessore district of Freedom Fighters Sangsad while alive, told the reporter, 'On December 6, we expelled the enemy soldiers from Jessore city. But Jessore city was deserted that day. As a result, the victory procession came out the next day on December 7.

Incidentally, since independence, December 7 was celebrated as Jessore's Freedom Day. But according to information provided by freedom fighters and historians, December 6 is being celebrated as Jessore Freedom Day since 2010. Mukti Bahini took over the security of Jessore city on December 8. On December 10, Waliul Islam took charge as the Deputy Commissioner of Jessore. On December 11, a public meeting was held at the Town Hall grounds. Mujibnagar Government Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmed and Interim President Syed Nazrul Islam were present there. Office-court proceedings began on December 12.

Advocate Rabiul Alam, Deputy Chief of Greater Jessore Region of Mujib's Army (BLF) and General Secretary of Greater Jessore District Chhatra League, said that on December 2, the allied forces took a position at Chougacha and Sharsha on the border of Jessore. On December 3-4 and 5, Allied forces fought fiercely with Pakistani forces in the border area. Freedom fighters also took part with the allied forces. On December 5, the fighting intensified. Bombs and airstrikes followed. At night, fireballs can be seen from far away in Chougacha border area. In the evening of December 6, the Pakistani forces retreated and headed towards Khulna for safe haven. Jessore was freed that day.

Jessore Deputy Commissioner Tamizul Islam Khan said, December 6 is Jessore's Freedom Day. On December 11, the first public meeting in independent Bengal was held at Jessore's historic town hall grounds. On the occasion of the month of great victory, Jessore district administration has taken up month-long programs along with local cultural organizations. On the occasion of December 6, a colorful procession will leave the town hall in the morning and end at the mural of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Bakultala in the city. Besides, there are various programs including discussion meetings.




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