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Poppy is returning to theaters

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  • 06 December, 2022 15:38:06

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Entertainment Desk: Actress Sadika Parveen Poppy has been hiding for a long time. It is rumored in the neighborhood that he got married and has a family. gave birth to a child But all of a sudden, Poppy was upset about this. Didn't even come forward. The actress gave a video message about the recent Film Artists Association elections. Then the wind again.

Poppy is returning to the cinema hall even though he is physically hidden. After a long time, his new movie 'Direct Attack' is going to be released on the big screen. The movie will be released in theaters on December 23. However, the director of the movie Sadiq Siddiqui has confirmed that Poppy will not be in the promotion of the film.

Sadiq Siddiqui told the media, 'We have not started any campaign for this movie yet. Currently, their own discussion is going on. If everything goes well, the campaign will start in a couple of days. But we don't think that the main character of the story, actress Poppy, will be able to stay there. Because there is no way Poppy can be found. I can't say anything about whether he will act in any new movie or not.'

Poppy's character in this movie is that of a DB official. Where Amin Khan acted opposite him. He has also been away from films for a long time.

It is known that the name of the movie was 'Brave Warrior'. The director started shooting with that name. Then the shooting of the last lot of the movie was completed in Corona. In 2021, it received clearance from the censors under the name 'Direct Attack'. Apart from Poppy-Amin Khan, Emon, Shireen Sheela etc. also acted in various roles in the movie.

It should be noted that Poppy became known as the champion in Lux Anand Bichitra's beauty pageant. Although he acted in the movie 'Amar Ghar Amar Behesht' directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan, his first released movie was 'Coolie' directed by Montajur Rahman Akbar. It was released in 1997. He has acted in more than 150 movies so far. Poppy won the National Film Award three times for Best Actress for her performances in 'Megher Kole Rod,' 'Ki Jaadu Karila', 'Gangajatra'.


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