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34 bus routes of Bogra are stopped, the passengers are suffering a lot

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  • 03 December, 2022 10:13:16

Photo: Collected

Sanju Roy, Bogra: The Rajshahi divisional strike is going on in Bogra for 10-point demands, including stopping the movement of illegal vehicles on the roads. No intra-district and long-distance vehicles are leaving Bogra since morning. Transport leaders say that 34 bus routes from Bogra have been stopped due to the strike. 

On Thursday (December 1) from six in the morning, the transport workers started a strike with 10 points of demand. Before this, the strike was announced with an ultimatum till November 30 in the Natore Departmental Transport Owners-Workers Unity Council meeting last Saturday. 

On Thursday and Friday mornings, Charmatha Central Bus Terminal and Thanthania Bus Stand of Bogra are visited, there is no public transport on the road. All buses are lined up at Charmatha Central Bus Terminal. As there is no busyness, the transport workers are chatting on the side of the road. However, the busyness of goods vehicles on the road was normal like every day. Compared to other days, the main roads were empty. But there were enough passengers on the road. Many are seen standing on the road with bags in their hands waiting for the long-distance vehicle.

Zahid Hassan was standing at the Charmatha bus terminal. The house is in Phulchhari of Gaibandha district. He came to Bibirpukur area of ​​Kahalur to harvest paddy. 

Zahid said, '15 of us came from Saghata to Bogra for paddy cutting. After about two weeks of work, I will return home today. But since there is no bus, we are all standing here for a long time. Now we have to go to CNG. It used to cost Tk 60 to go home by bus, now it costs Tk 170 for CNG. For people like us, eating day in and day out is like going without food for two meals.' 

At this terminal, I spoke with a private employee named Murad Hossain. Due to his job, he commutes from Bogra to Natore every day. Murad said, 'I can't get any vehicle even after waiting for almost an hour. A few days later, the transport workers and owners called a strike. Passengers are subjected to harassment and suffering if nothing else. Passengers have become hostages to transport workers and owners.'

Ismail Hossain works in shipping. From Bogra his destination is Aricha in Dhaka. Not getting a bus, he boarded a truck for Tk 200 till Sirajganj. Ismail said, 'If you go by bus, the fare is Tk 150. Now it costs 200 rupees. Money is not a big deal. Suffering is now bigger than money. There is no one to see this suffering.

Salim Mia works as a driver's assistant on the Bogra-Dhaka route bus . He said, 'The bus owners said the bus is closed. Buses will be closed for BNP rally. Aminul Islam, General Secretary of

Rajshahi Divisional Owners Workers Joint Federation, said, "Transportation workers are going on voluntary strike due to the ten-point demand. About 1200 buses of 34 routes, including Bogra's internal ones, have been stopped. This strike will continue until the demand is met.


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