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Stock market trading at the bottom

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  • 24 November, 2022 17:29:04

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News Desk:   On the last working day of the week Thursday (November 24), the price of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the main stock market of the country, increased slightly. However, the main index of Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) fell. Although the index rose on the DSE, there was a dry spell in trading. The market traded the lowest in four months.

Despite the mixed trends in the price index, more firms are listed as gainers than decliners in both markets. However, the number of companies with unchanged prices is more than those with price increases or decreases.

The prices of shares and units of these companies remain unchanged at the floor price (minimum limit of price reduction). Investors of these companies stuck at the floor price are unable to sell their shares due to lack of buyers.

Earlier, the stock market fell on the first two working days of the week. However, by the third working day, the price was slightly higher. However, the price fell again on the fourth working day. The trading drought continues amid ups and downs in the index.

In this situation, the negative trend of the price index can be seen at the beginning of trading in the stock market on Thursday. The main DSE index fell 15 points after half an hour of trading. This bearish trend seen at the beginning of trading continued for the first three and a half hours.

However, in the last half an hour of trading, a few companies came out of the decline. In this, the price also comes out of the negative situation. As a result, all indices ended the day trading higher. However, the transaction drought continues. As a result, the day ended with the lowest transaction in four months.

At the end of the day's trading, the shares of 46 companies on the DSE entered the list of gainers. On the contrary, the price of 28 has decreased. And the price of 226 remains unchanged. In this, the main index of DSE DSEX increased by 7 points to 6 thousand 215 points compared to the previous day.

The DSE-30 index, which consists of 30 companies, has increased by 6 points compared to the previous day and stands at 2,189 points. And DSE Shariah increased by 4 points to 1 thousand 354 points compared to the previous day.

On all bullish days, trading volume on the DSE fell compared to the previous business day. 323 crores 80 lakhs were traded in DSE throughout the day. 540 crore 68 lakh taka was traded on the previous day. Accordingly, the transaction decreased by 216 crore 88 lakh taka. Transactions were not only lower than the previous working day, but were the lowest since July 19 this year. On July 19, DSE saw a transaction of Tk 319 crore 35 lakh.

Genex Infosys was the most traded stock in terms of Rs. Shares worth Tk 24 crore 71 lakh have been traded in the company. Chartered Life Insurance, which is in second place, has a transaction of Tk. 21 crore 57 lakhs. Sea Pearl Beach Resort is in the third place with a share transaction of Tk 15 crore 32 lakh.

Besides, the list of top ten companies in terms of transactions on DSE includes - Orion Pharma, Padma Islami Life, Advent Pharma, Navana Pharma, Intraco Refueling Station, Pragati Life Insurance and Summit Alliance Port.

Another stock market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) overall price index CASPI decreased by 93 points. 13 crore 22 lakh taka has been traded in the market. 36 of the 128 institutions that participated in the transaction rose in price. On the contrary, the price of 22 has decreased and the price of 70 has remained unchanged.


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