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Argentina will enter the new field today

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  • 22 November, 2022 15:59:27

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Sports desk : Argentina is going to enter the field today in the new six. This was indicated by coach Lionel Scaloni. Argentina's unopposed victory is going on full of sharp intelligence. On the one hand, Messi's last World Cup, on the other hand, it's time to regret 36 years. How will Scaloni plan - the question may be spinning in the minds of the blue-white supporters.

Attacking Lionel Scaloni is getting solid three in attack now Where Messi can be seen is his preferred position on the right wing. And Di Maria, the hero of the Copa America final match, will be on the left wing. Scaloni can keep Lautaro Martinez at center forward. If the attack comes around the midfield, then Messi or Di Maria can advance it before the opposing players surround it. If necessary, Lautaro can play down a little. In that case, if Lautaro drops to the second striker position, Messi will have to go to the center and wait. If RD Maria attacks, he will look for Messi or Lautaro. If the path forward is blocked, he will pass the ball to Messi on the right wing. After this, Messi will have to take the challenge of breaking the defense.

Midfield The Argentine coach was more worried about the midfield Lo Celso, who was among his number, suffered an injury, causing chaos. After that, he decided the middle ground after much thought. Where Pardes is perfect in attacking midfield. Along with him, Rodrigo de Paul and Alexis McAllister will have to take possession of the ball and help the attack. If De Paul-Mac is obstructed by opposition players after advancing the ball from defense to midfield, Messi or Di Maria should drop down to receive the ball. After that, look for Lautaro in front of the D-box. If the lane ahead of Lautaro is clear, he will want to rush towards the D-box. And if Messi or Maria can give a cross from behind, then maybe there will be success.

Defense There was a lot of criticism about Argentina's defense in the last few World Cups At least this time there is no opportunity to talk. Scaloni will want to stop the opponent's attack by leaving four men. While Molina can be seen at rightback, Acuna can be seen at leftback. Romero and Otamendi will have the responsibility of handling the center back. However, Scaloni can move this position a little by understanding the strategy of the opponent. Sometimes Molina and Acuna will go down. And Otamendi and Romero have to run with the ball up to the midfield. Of course, Romero does not want to leave the defense line and play forward. Which Otamendi can do well again. And under the last goal post will be Akashi-Saad's number one Rakshan Martinez.


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