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2 to 3 thousand hilsa per boat, new enthusiasm among fishermen

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  • 09 November, 2022 10:19:06

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Md. Mozaherul Quader, Chittagong district representative: After 22 consecutive days of ban, the ban was lifted on October 29. As a result, fishing has become active again. Hilsa is being caught in abundance, 2 to 3 thousand silver hilsa per boat. Besides hilsa, coral, laitya, chanda, and ghuijya fish are being caught. There is no cool shore, and with empty nets, they cross the long way of the sea in search of fish. A new enthusiasm has started among the fishermen after getting fish in the net. There is no fatigue, crossing the unknown path of the sea, I am very happy to see the hilsa in the net. Fish weighing from 200 grams to 1.5 kg is sufficient.

Zulfikar Ali, Director of Cox's Bazar Fishery Ghat Fish Traders Association, said that the small fish collected are sold in the local market and the big fish are sent to the market in remote areas of the country including the capital. During the on-site inspection, prominent businessman Kabir Ahmad said that until Tuesday evening, about 20 trucks of small and large fish have been sent to different districts of the country. Which is more than yesterday. The fish harvested today is small in size, the whole fishing ghat was like a sea of ​​fish, fish and fish in every direction.

About 70 tons of hilsa have been sent from Cox's Bazar to different districts in 12 trucks till Monday evening. One to one and a half kg hilsa is being sold at 900 to 1100 taka per kg and small hilsa at 3 to 600 taka per kg. Businessman Shafi said that due to frequent hostile weather and lack of rain this year, most of the trawlers have not been able to collect hilsa at a sufficient rate. Businessman Ahmad Miah said, if the current rate of hilsa catches continues, then the expected profit may cause new surprises in the economy of the country. 


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