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The official blocked the teacher's passport in Kurigram

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  • 19 October, 2022 23:50:37

Photo: CNI

Md. Hasan, Kurigram: Kabir Hossain, the official of the passport office of Kurigram, who has come to the court with unconditional pardon and bond, has once again got involved in the controversy. Earlier he asked for affidavit in all cases, and now this officer is not accepting applications without medical certificate. As a result, the service receivers are being harassed. Allegedly, the assistant teacher Shirina Akhtar, who lost her eye due to a fan during the class in the school, systematically submitted the documents to the district regional passport office and received the delivery. But the controversial official withheld the documents for the sake of medical certificate. It has been alleged that Shirina Akhtar's brother Mostahidul Hasan's passport documents were withheld and the documents were waived for Tk 2,000 through brokers. Later, Shirina Akhtar's documents were not only withheld on the pretext of not submitting the medical certificate, but after 18 days for harassment, the police sent the documents to the police department for verification. Questions have been raised against him about repeated harassment even after delivery. Shirina Akhtar's husband Sheikh Alamgir Kabir said, I submitted the application of three persons for passports to the Kurigram regional passport office on October 2. The application was made with the name-address according to Shirin's brother Mostahidul's national identity card. The application was returned as his previous passport had the full spelling Mohammad and the abbreviation Mo on the national identity card. Later after payment of Rs.2000 through the broker the application was accepted without amendment. Later after giving the application of Shirina Akhtar the delivery (4218000020680) was given. Date of issue of passport was 13 October 2022. But so far his application has not been processed and sent to Dhaka. Which is confirmed by online check status. Talking to Deputy Assistant Director Kabir Hossain on the phone at 9:32 am on October 17, he said that the application form was not processed as the medical certificate was not submitted to the office. The Passport Act states that citizens will be entitled to get a passport only if they have a citizenship certificate and a smart card, but the unethical indication is becoming clear as this officer illegally asked for a medical certificate. Although he was requested to consider the human side, he did not heed. When the application form was submitted on October 2, he wrote not recorded, but on Wednesday (October 19) when reporters went to talk to his office at 4:30 pm, he sent the documents to the police department for police verification. He could not answer why the documents are being sent after so long. It has been reported that an employee named Mohsin, who is working in the master role of the office, is harassing the service receivers with the help of brokers and is alleging that he is extorting thousands of rupees every day. Earlier on October 13 of this month, Kabir Hossain, Deputy Assistant Director of Kurigram District Regional Passport Office, appeared in person at the summons of the Kurigram Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court on the charge of harassing service recipients in the name of affidavit. He was not educated in that either. Again, this officer came to the discussion by illegally asking for a medical certificate in order to collect money illegally from a seriously ill teacher. Shirina Akhtar said that all the proofs of her eye damage were shown while submitting the application. I don't understand why he is asking for medical certificate. My eyes are bleeding continuously. Due to the delay I am also mentally broken. If something bad happens to me now, will he take responsibility for it! Kabir Hossain, Deputy Assistant Director of Kurigram District Regional Passport Office, told reporters that the medical certificate has to be submitted due to the loss of his eyes. I don't know about the broker. In this regard, Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Rezaul Karim said that any citizen who is healthy, strong and has no immoral charges has the right to get a passport. This top official said that there is no need for a medical certificate to apply for a passport.

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