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56 kg of hilsa seized in Satkania distributed to four orphanages

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  • 16 October, 2022 23:43:12

Photo: CNI

Ramzan Ali, Satkania (Chittagong): 56 kg of hilsa fish was seized for selling hilsa fish during prohibited hours in Keranihat market in Satkania upazila. Satkania upazila administration runs the mobile court for the implementation of government directives. During the main breeding season of hilsa, from October 7 to October 28, mother hilsa throughout the country made the traders aware of the prohibited and punishable crimes of hilsa fish collection, stocking, market breeding, buying and selling and exchange. (October 16) On Sunday, Satkania upazila in Keranihat market through the operation of mobile court, a total of 15,000 taka and 56 kg of hilsa fish and 5 kg of shrimp were seized in 3 cases for the crime of selling hilsa fish and using jelly in shrimp. The seized hilsa fish is distributed to 4 local orphanages and the shrimps are buried in the ground. Besides, a total fine of Rs 13,000 was paid in 2 cases for running shop in unhygienic environment at the same place. A total fine of 28,000 rupees was imposed in 5 cases. All the traders present are asked to follow the government instructions. Upazila Executive Officer Mr. Fatema-Tuz-Zohra was present during the operation. Upazila Fisheries Officer Saikat Sharma and the members of the police and Ansar forces provided full cooperation. The Upazila Nirbahi Officer said, this type of campaign will continue to implement government directives in the interest of the public.

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