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Bangladesh girls made history by defeating Nepal

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  • 20 September, 2022 00:27:17

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Sports desk: When a strong team like India was defeated in the group stage, it can be said that the unannounced crown of the champion was taken by the women footballers of Bangladesh. All that was left was formalities. The last obstacle to finish this formality was the host Nepal. Bangladesh could not beat them in clear football before.

But the team that scored 20 goals in four games en route to the final, it didn't matter who was playing in the final. However, neither Bangladesh nor Nepal conceded a goal until reaching the final.

Bangladesh girls passed the test of strength in the title fight in the final. Both teams gave enjoyable football throughout the match; But the host Nepal could not stand in front of Sabina in the goal game. In the end, Bangladesh made history in women's football by defeating them 3-1.

The final title fight started at 5:30 pm Bangladesh time at Dasaratha Rangshala Stadium in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sabina Khatun led 2-0 in the first half. They scored a goal in the second half. The match ended 2-1. After a while, Bangladesh scored again and secured the title.

Bangladesh went into the break leading 2-0 with goals from substitute Shamsunnahar Junior and Krishna Rani Sarkar. In the final of Women's SAFF Championship in Kathmandu, Nepal on Monday, Bangladesh dominated and gave 2 goals in the first half.

Host Nepal tried to take control of the match in the second half. As a result, Nepal conceded a goal in the 70th minute. Anita's great shot went into the Bangladesh net.

However, the Bangladeshi girls did not consider the 2-1 goal safe. That's why they keep playing counter-attack with the aim of getting another goal. Didn't have to wait long. Bangladesh scored a goal in the 77th minute. Krishna Rani Sarkar's second goal led Bangladesh to a 3-1 lead.

Dasharath Rangshala stadium ground covered in mud due to heavy rain. It is difficult to play good football on that field. Despite this adversity, the girls of Bangladesh are moving towards victory by playing great football.

Substitute Shamsunnahar scored the first goal in 14 minutes. When Sirat Jahan Swapna left the field in the 10th minute due to injury, coach Golam Rabbani Choton replaced Shamsunnahar on the field.

In the previous match, when Swapna left the field due to pain, the coach brought Rituparna Chakma to the field. But in the final, the coach changed his strategy and put Shamsunnahar on the field. If that Shamsunnahar is done, super sub. He scored in the 14th minute with a great placement past Monika Chakma.

After conceding the goal, Nepal became desperate to get back into the match. Sometimes they also spread influence over Bangladesh. The hosts took two good chances twice.

In the 35th minute, Anita's free-kick goalkeeper Rupana Chakma jumped to the right to save the team in exchange for a corner. From that corner, Bangladesh almost conceded the goal when the goal was tangled; But Masura Parveen saved the team by clearing the ball from the goal line.

Bangladesh doubled the lead in the 41st minute with Krishna Rani Sarkar's goal. Sabina got the ball from a wrong pass by Nepal. He made no mistake when he passed Krishna who was standing in a gap. He sent the ball into the net of Nepal and spread joy in the dugout.

Bangladesh XI
Rupana Chakma, Sabina Khatun, Shiuli Azim, Shamsunnahar, Ankhi Khatun, Masura Parveen, Monika Chakma, Sanjida Akhter, Maria Manda, Krishna Rani Sarkar and Seerat Jahan Sapna (Shamsunnahar).

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