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Misbehaving with three students for teaching hijab, teacher dismissed

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  • 15 August, 2022 00:22:58

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Al Masud, Panchagarh: In Boda Upazila of Panchagarh, allegations of misbehavior with three female students, personal and group discussions other than class issues have been filed against an assistant head teacher named Ashraful Alam. In this incident, the school authorities temporarily suspended the teacher as the complaint was not answered satisfactorily. On Sunday (August 14) morning, Hafizur Rahman, president of the governing body of Sakwa High School of Boda Upazila of Panchagarh, issued a notice of dismissal. Accused Ashraful Alam is Assistant Headmaster of the same school. However, the president of the governing body, Hafizur Rahman, issued a notice of temporary dismissal within seven minutes of responding to the demand notice of the accused teacher Ashraful. According to the dismissal notice of the governing body, teacher Ashraful was temporarily suspended on the unanimous decision of the 10th meeting on Sunday (August 14) as the response given by Anit to the complaint was not satisfactory to the governing body. It is known that on July 28, three students of Sakoa High School made a written complaint to the headmaster Syed Manjurul Hasan Souza against the teacher Ashraful Alam. In the complaint, disrespectful behavior due to wearing hijab, other personal and party discussions other than class issues are alleged. In view of the complaint, the school authorities asked the assistant head teacher Ashraful Alam for a written reply on August 7. Teacher Ashraful gave a written answer at 11 am on Sunday, August 14. Later, as the response to the school management committee was not satisfactory, the suspension was unanimously decided. 11.8 minutes as mentioned in the reply and suspension copy. Hafizur Rahman, president of the governing body of Sakoa High School, was contacted by phone on Sunday (August 14) night to find out about the dismissal. At this time, the journalist avoided the matter by asking to call after 10 minutes. Headmaster Syed Manjurul Hasan Souza was also not available.

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