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50 professors arrested for anti-Israel protests in the United States

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  • 13 May, 2024 11:42:23

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International Desk: At least 50 professors have been arrested by police for participating in pro-Palestinian protests in various university and college campuses in the United States.

Many of these teachers have been beaten and harassed by the police. Middle East Eye reported this information in a report. On April 17, students of Columbia University protested for several demands, including the end of the war in Gaza and the severance of the university's relationship with Israeli institutions.

Later, protests spread to more than 150 educational institutions in the United States and at least 12 countries in Europe. Many students were arrested from this protest. On April 29, the police removed the protesters from the campus. At this time 13 people were arrested. At that time, an economics professor at Atlanta's Emory University, Caroline Fallin, stopped the police from trying to arrest a student.

At that time, the police threw the female professor on the ground and held her with her knees. After the arrest, the professor was charged with obstructing the police. University of Washington professor Steve Tamari was filming the protest. At that time, the police arrested him after physical harassment. His ribs and right hand were broken due to police beating.

The American Association of University Professors, an organization of university professors in the United States, says that the case of professors being handcuffed has attracted the attention of many. Graduation ceremony season is underway at US universities. However, in the face of student protests, some universities have canceled or postponed the program.

Anti-war students are blocking it even if this is organized in any other university. In solidarity with the students of the United States, demonstrations have begun in universities in major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia in Spain. They are protesting by pitching a tent in the campus.

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