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5 goals are burning regret Holland!

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  • 18 March, 2023 12:01:49

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Sports Desk: Manchester City won 7-0 in their last match against Leipzig. Where Earling Holland alone scored five goals. Despite such a great performance, this young Turk is burning with regret around that match.

Had the opportunity to stay on the field the whole time, Holland could have had the opportunity to make new history in the Champions League. Because no one has the record of scoring more than five goals in one match. Lionel Messi also scored five goals against Bayer Leverkusen. Holland could have left him behind.

On this day, City scored half a dozen goals in Leipzig's net within 57 minutes. while all five were from Holland. After that, Holland was on the field for only five minutes. Guardiola fielded Argentine youngster Julian Alvarez in his place. In the style that City was playing at that time, the young man could have scored another goal if he was on the field the rest of the time! But after replacing Haaland they got only one goal.

This topic naturally comes up after the match. The issue of breaking Messi's record also comes up. Guardiola joked in reply, 'If he achieves this milestone at 22/23, his life will be boring. Now he has a target, so I changed. Didn't know about Messi's record against (Bayer) Leverkusen. But usually when the match is over I want to let all the players play as much as possible.'

Even if the coach said such words, Holland is burning with regret. If he had some time, maybe he could have made a new history. But he did not get that opportunity. After the match, he said, 'When I left the field I told him (Guardiola) that I want to do a double hat-trick - but what can I do!' 


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